WW; weeks 18 & 19

I’ve been a bad blogger again, I missed a week and this week is late. I’m sorry, forgive me? Better late than never though, right? Anywho… my progress…. Right, i’ll keep it as short and sweet as possible. So, i went a couple over my points in the last couple of weeks; full disclosure. However, I have been point counting and getting myself back on track so that’s a positive! I’ve still been a bit all over the place in myself so it is quite hard at the moment,nonetheless i’m trying not to comfort eat and i’m sticking to my … Continue reading WW; weeks 18 & 19

Am I Lovable?

So I had a pretty deep conversation with my other half recently, I found myself in a bit of a slump and we were talking about where we are in life, where we should be and where we want to be (all content for another blog) but somehow we ended up getting on a different topic altogether. I’m not sure why I asked, or what prompted me but I asked him a question that I was actually pretty scared to find out the answer to…. “Why me?” He look at me very confused, his initial answer was “Why not?” Now, … Continue reading Am I Lovable?

WW; Week 17

Well, if you thought last week was bad, this is worse. What’s the point in blogging my progress if I’m not honest with you? Answer – there wouldn’t be any point in that. So I’m going to be open and honest, no matter how hard it may be, because I think it will help in the long run; this week hasn’t been good either. I’m starting to realise that when you’re not in a good place in yourself, when you’re not positive, it’s hard to be positive with your weight loss journey and to stick to the plan. I’m going … Continue reading WW; Week 17

WW; weeks 14, 15 and 16.

OK so here’s the thing, it’s been bad. I’m not going to follow my usual format for my WW blog because to be quite blunt I haven’t followed my usual WW anything. I’m not going to lie and I won’t sugar coat it (because that seems to be the core of the problem… get it… sugar coating? Bad diet? Meh…) basically, it’s been really really bad. Over Christmas I wasn’t actually that bad, I did pretty much eat what I wanted and went a bit wild on Christmas day but in between I wasn’t too bad all things considered; I … Continue reading WW; weeks 14, 15 and 16.

WW; Week 13

Week 13; Have I stuck to it? Loosely… I mean, it’s Christmas time and eating and drinking is definitely more of a focus than normal. I’ve still counted my points it’s just that I’ve been somewhat naughty. How do I feel? I’m genuinely having the best month so I can deal with not losing as much weight tbh. So I feel good in general. I mean, I won’t lie I’d feel better off if could eat all the crap I love and still lose weight but ya know, #dreaming… Has it been hard? Yeah, because of all the treats are … Continue reading WW; Week 13

WW; week 12.

Week 12; Have I stuck to it? No, I’ve been naughty this week. One too many treats. How do I feel? I feel OK in myself and I’m enjoying the festive season, but I’m disappointed in myself that I haven’t stuck to it very well at all this week.  Has it been hard? Yes, temptation high and will power low. Losing combo I’m afraid. What kinds of foods have I eaten? I still had my trusty WW foods (soups and micro meals) but unfortunately I also indulged in sweets/treats at work because it’s the festive season and it’s been a … Continue reading WW; week 12.