Weight Watchers; Weeks 38 – 46

Wow, been a while huh? Not gonna lie, things have been mental. I ate badly my birthday week as I mentioned in my last WW blog and basically it kind of hasn’t been great since then. I went on holiday a couple of weeks after my birthday which meant more indulgence and then things have just been really taxing for the last couple of months since; I’ve had a lot going on personally so weight watchers just wasn’t too much of a focus for me and I stopped counting on more than one occasion, for a few weeks at a … Continue reading Weight Watchers; Weeks 38 – 46

Weight Watchers; Weeks 34 – 37…

Yes yes, I know… bad blogger again! I’ve been neglectful and I’m sorry! So here’s the update on my weight waters progress; Week 34 – Good week, I lost 1lb and ate relatively healthily. Believe it or not, I even exercised! Got a cross trainer at home to try to motivate me to exercise more at home! Week 35 – another fairly good week, lost another 1lb and ate alright, exercised at least once too! Week 36 – went a little downhill and had a couple of blow out days where I definitely went over my points but surprisingly managed … Continue reading Weight Watchers; Weeks 34 – 37…

Weight Watchers; Weeks 32 and 33…

Hi guys, I didn’t blog last week because, despite trying to be positive, it was a bad food week for me. Like 4 take-aways kinda bad. *shudders*… So there’s not really all that much to report on week 32, except that by some kind of miracle ~for which I am truly grateful~ I maintained my weight. Week 33 was much better food wise. I had no take-away, I ate relatively sensibly with very few ‘treats’ and I felt much more positive towards my weight watchers programme. Perhaps i’m emerging from this dreadful 6(ish) week slump I’ve experienced! Also, I’m so … Continue reading Weight Watchers; Weeks 32 and 33…

WW; Weeks 24 and 25

Another two-week update; again I haven’t been too amazing with my weight watching progress over the last couple of weeks. That being said, I have cut out some of the things that I think were causing some problems, namely no more pop tarts! My other half was somewhat of a bad influence weekend before last, we had chicken and chips take away and over all in the last two weeks I’ve had that take-away three times. I can hardly expect miraculous results when I’ve done that! I didn’t go on a bender or anything, but I definitely could have made … Continue reading WW; Weeks 24 and 25

WW; Week 22 and 23

I’ll start by apologising for my lack of WW blog last week, there’s a pretty shameful reasoning behind it too I’m reluctant to say… I didn’t blog last week because I gained 2 lbs and to be perfectly honest I was so tired of having to report bad food weeks to you guys that I just couldn’t bring myself to blog about it. So, week 22 was bad because I ate a lot of crap, I had a hefty Chinese, pizza, lots of picnic-type foods and absolutely nothing nutritious or good for me at all, basically. I’ve also developed quite … Continue reading WW; Week 22 and 23

WW; Week 21

So there’s good and bad news this week: Straight off the bat I’ll start with the bad by letting you know that I went over my points. I haven’t eaten particularly well this week; I’ve skipped some meals and I’ve eaten irregularly but I did stick to my points all week, that was until Saturday when I surprised my other half with a romantic meal at home, three courses ~ the full works ~ that’s what pushed the points over.  And I still haven’t exercised, as if you expected anything different on that front! Nonetheless, the good news is that … Continue reading WW; Week 21

WW; Week 20

Well, the idea was generally that I’d be better this week. That was the plan. suffice to say it didn’t quite work out that way… I mean, it wasn’t an awful week but it definitely was not a good week either, not even close. I was doing OK (ish) but then Friday night I splashed out with a big Chinese takeaway and drinks with my boyfriend at home to cheer me up and that well and truly threw things out of whack ~ seriously went well over my points, like WELL over. I did weigh myself mid-week and I’d lost … Continue reading WW; Week 20

WW; weeks 18 & 19

I’ve been a bad blogger again, I missed a week and this week is late. I’m sorry, forgive me? Better late than never though, right? Anywho… my progress…. Right, i’ll keep it as short and sweet as possible. So, i went a couple over my points in the last couple of weeks; full disclosure. However, I have been point counting and getting myself back on track so that’s a positive! I’ve still been a bit all over the place in myself so it is quite hard at the moment,nonetheless i’m trying not to comfort eat and i’m sticking to my … Continue reading WW; weeks 18 & 19

WW; Week 17

Well, if you thought last week was bad, this is worse. What’s the point in blogging my progress if I’m not honest with you? Answer – there wouldn’t be any point in that. So I’m going to be open and honest, no matter how hard it may be, because I think it will help in the long run; this week hasn’t been good either. I’m starting to realise that when you’re not in a good place in yourself, when you’re not positive, it’s hard to be positive with your weight loss journey and to stick to the plan. I’m going … Continue reading WW; Week 17

WW; weeks 14, 15 and 16.

OK so here’s the thing, it’s been bad. I’m not going to follow my usual format for my WW blog because to be quite blunt I haven’t followed my usual WW anything. I’m not going to lie and I won’t sugar coat it (because that seems to be the core of the problem… get it… sugar coating? Bad diet? Meh…) basically, it’s been really really bad. Over Christmas I wasn’t actually that bad, I did pretty much eat what I wanted and went a bit wild on Christmas day but in between I wasn’t too bad all things considered; I … Continue reading WW; weeks 14, 15 and 16.

WW; Week 13

Week 13; Have I stuck to it? Loosely… I mean, it’s Christmas time and eating and drinking is definitely more of a focus than normal. I’ve still counted my points it’s just that I’ve been somewhat naughty. How do I feel? I’m genuinely having the best month so I can deal with not losing as much weight tbh. So I feel good in general. I mean, I won’t lie I’d feel better off if could eat all the crap I love and still lose weight but ya know, #dreaming… Has it been hard? Yeah, because of all the treats are … Continue reading WW; Week 13