Self care! <3

Well, It’s been rather a while since I last blogged and honestly, today my heart ached for it a little, so here it is… I want to share with you a way of rebooting myself when I’m a down or lost and even a bit stuck… Continue reading Self care! ❤


Let’s talk about depression: 5

Relapse. A word you’re more likely to hear when thinking of alcoholism, drug abuse, etc etc, the list goes on. So, can you relapse if you’re dealing with depression? A relapse by definition is to “deteriorate after a period of improvement” (thanks Google dictionary.) So I’m going to go out on a limb and say yes, you can relapse when dealing with depression… Continue reading Let’s talk about depression: 5

Let’s talk about depression: 4

The road to recovery from any mental health difficulties will never be any easy one; it won’t be quick, it won’t be straight and it won’t be smooth. Often when someone is depressed or has anxiety they are stuck in a pattern of unhelpful behaviours and thought processes and those are difficult to break free from, difficult but not impossible – I promise! As was mentioned in my previous blog, treatment such as therapy can entail a long waiting list as well as the process itself taking time. If you are in a place where you can, it may be … Continue reading Let’s talk about depression: 4

Let’s talk about depression: 2.

In this blog I’m going to touch on the perception of depression. Depression, anxiety and their symptoms can be incredibly hard to explain, especially when you have depression and you feel as though your mind isn’t functioning the way it used to or “should” do, it can be hard to articulate and describe. I have a few metaphors that I think are useful/effective… Continue reading Let’s talk about depression: 2.

Let’s talk about Depression; 1

There is much more acceptance of the importance of mental health in today’s society, however mental health and topics such as depression and anxiety still seem to have somewhat of a taboo attached to them. Unless we talk about this openly and honestly nothing will change, so I have decided to do a series on my blog to talk about depression, so that if even only a handful of people read this, it may make a small difference or help others in some way  – whether they are suffering with depression or whether they want help in understanding depression…

So, let’s talk about depression. Continue reading Let’s talk about Depression; 1

Reflecting on Mother’s Day…

Recently in the UK it was mother’s day, and every year when that day comes around I can’t help but feel a little solemn. I won’t go into too much detail, those closest to me know the history, but essentially my mother is not in my life (for a great many reasons really, my mum isn’t around and I’ve grown up without her. Unfortunately she didn’t want to be a part of my life, though I choose to believe that that’s more unfortunate for her than it is for me. Nonetheless each year around mother’s day I can’t help but … Continue reading Reflecting on Mother’s Day…

Secret Battles…

Every single day, every single person on this planet has their own battles, often kept secret. Depression, anxiety, grief, pain, self confidence, weight struggles ~ the list is endless. The thing is, and I think sometimes you need to be told this ~ and you need to believe it, it will get better! It might not happen today, in fact it’s more than likely that it won’t happen today, but it will get better in time. There may be a war raging within you, only a select few may be aware ~ maybe no one in the world knows ~ … Continue reading Secret Battles…

Am I Lovable?

So I had a pretty deep conversation with my other half recently, I found myself in a bit of a slump and we were talking about where we are in life, where we should be and where we want to be (all content for another blog) but somehow we ended up getting on a different topic altogether. I’m not sure why I asked, or what prompted me but I asked him a question that I was actually pretty scared to find out the answer to…. “Why me?” He look at me very confused, his initial answer was “Why not?” Now, … Continue reading Am I Lovable?