Bedroom Makeover!

So a little while ago I decided I really didn’t like my bedroom decor, I needed to update it and make it more of an inciting space for me to relax in; so that’s what I did!

Being an intelligent person, naturally I actually forgot to take the before photographs *insert monkey see no evil emoji here!* LOL.

However, I did have some old photos of my bedroom, so I’ll put them below for you to get an idea of what it looked like before the makeover…

I’ve always loved the plum colour, and still do, but I’ve had it as bedroom colouring since I was a child and I just needed something newer and fresher.

The first thing I done was change the wall colour from a lilac/grey colour to white, here’s some mid-painting photos so you can see the colour difference.

And once I’d finished painting I moved the furniture around so that my wardrobe was the other side of my room, moved my chest of draws into the space left by my wardrobe and I added a frame onto the wall above the chest of drawers. I also re-organised my makeup desk and put some lights around my makeup mirror and I put up my new silver and charcoal crushed velvet topped  curtains (which I love, the photo doesn’t really do them justice!)….

One of my favourite new additions was my little Buddha head on my windowsill; believe it or not this only cost me £1!


Naturally, I also changed my bedding and lampshades etc, I also added some new cushions and a throw etc… So here’s the overall finished look!

I love my newly made-over bedroom! Let me know what you think in the comments, if you feel like it!

Much love guys 🙂


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