Weight Watchers; Weeks 34 – 37…

Yes yes, I know… bad blogger again! I’ve been neglectful and I’m sorry!

So here’s the update on my weight waters progress;

Week 34 – Good week, I lost 1lb and ate relatively healthily. Believe it or not, I even exercised! Got a cross trainer at home to try to motivate me to exercise more at home!

Week 35 – another fairly good week, lost another 1lb and ate alright, exercised at least once too!

Week 36 – went a little downhill and had a couple of blow out days where I definitely went over my points but surprisingly managed to maintain. no exercise this week though.

Week 37 – I maintained again this week but haven’t been too great with the points, went over a little and didn’t exercise.

I definitely think the closer I get to my goal weight the harder it’s getting! But I’m doing my best to persevere!

I’ve had a little bit more of a social life the past couple of weeks which has been really hard on the points front. Also, it was my birthday this weekend gone and the indulgence continued well into this week (week 38), so let’s not be too surprised if there’s a gain. Although, I’m trying to be really strict for the last few days of this week to keep any gain to an absolute minimum, we’ll see!

I’ll try to be better with keeping up with the blog, but just so you know I do have a holiday coming up next week so please excuse me if you get delayed weight watchers blogs! I am going to try to schedule some other blogs in the meantime though so keep an eye out for those if you like!

See you soon and thanks for checking in! 🙂


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