Weight Watchers; Weeks 32 and 33…

Hi guys, I didn’t blog last week because, despite trying to be positive, it was a bad food week for me. Like 4 take-aways kinda bad. *shudders*… So there’s not really all that much to report on week 32, except that by some kind of miracle ~for which I am truly grateful~ I maintained my weight.

Week 33 was much better food wise. I had no take-away, I ate relatively sensibly with very few ‘treats’ and I felt much more positive towards my weight watchers programme. Perhaps i’m emerging from this dreadful 6(ish) week slump I’ve experienced! Also, I’m so incredibly proud of myself because I actually ate fruit this week… on more than one occasion! – Trust me, for me that’s a MASSIVE deal! I mean, I felt like I needed to give my body more vitamins and nutrients because I had the devil of all colds – I was not loving life and in desperate need of some Vit C, so I ate clementines and bananas. I also stuck to my points for the first time in what feels like forever. Basically it’s been a good week and i’m feeling so motivated to carry on with this surge of positivity towards my diet and crack on to reach my goal weight before my holiday this year (which is coming up fast!)

On a final note, did I loose any weight this week? Down 2lbs baby, yeah!!


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