Weight Watchers; Weeks 26 – 31 (Sorry!)

OK, so I’ve definitely been the worst blogger – how many weeks have I missed?! That being said, I have had some fairly valid reasons, starting with not actually having a laptop for a month because the poor thing died and I had to take it into repair, throwing in some personal turmoil and finishing with the fact that not a whole lot has actually changed in my weight loss journey – so overall you haven’t actually missed all that much in terms of my weight watchers journey.

The last 6 weeks have been really up and down with food intake, I’ve had some days/weeks where I’ve been well on board the WW train and others where I’ve gone well over my points and then some! There have been days where I’ve followed WW so well that I even used the ‘No Points’ cookbook to make some healthy tasty weight watchers meals, like the ones pictured below, and then there was Easter ~ AND ALL THE CHOCOLATE! ~ not to mention more takeaways than I care to admit too *insert monkey emoji with hands over eyes.*


(^Beef & rice stuffed peppers and mixed wedges//Parsnip, apple & butternut squash soup^)

So, that’s it all in a nutshell really. Not much need to elaborate. Oh and as for my weight, I’ve pretty much maintained since the last time I blogged (Not that I actually know how the hell I’ve managed that because I’ve definitely been more bad than good!) So That’s it really.

*As always* the goal is to get back on track with my points, be good with the blogging to keep myself in check and hopefully get back to seeing some losses!

I’ll talk to you next week you beautiful people, and we’ll see if there’s been any progress! “May the odds be ever in your favour”, am I right?! Here’s to hoping!


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