WW; Weeks 24 and 25

Another two-week update; again I haven’t been too amazing with my weight watching progress over the last couple of weeks. That being said, I have cut out some of the things that I think were causing some problems, namely no more pop tarts! My other half was somewhat of a bad influence weekend before last, we had chicken and chips take away and over all in the last two weeks I’ve had that take-away three times. I can hardly expect miraculous results when I’ve done that! I didn’t go on a bender or anything, but I definitely could have made better choices in the last couple of weeks, that’s for sure!

I do feel as though I’m in somewhat of a slump with my weight loss journey at the moment, a few weeks ago I was so extremely excited to see a number of the scales that means i’m the closest to my goal that I’ve ever been but I feel like i’m now kind of stuck in that area. In weeks 22 and 23 I gained and then lost which meant that I essentially stayed within the same ballpark as I was in week 21; I maintained in week 24 and I lost only 1 lb in week 25 so I’m feeling a little disheartened about being stuck in this kind of rut.

I think I’m at the stage now, this last hurdle, that it’s going to be the hardest time to get to my goal weight. I’ve got just under a stone to lose to hit my target ~ I feel like I’m so close but yet so far! That being said, I always say that it’s important to focus on the positive and I have, admittedly, been more negative over the last month or so in my blogs (I think) so I’m going to *positively* reflect on the fact that I’ve lost 1 stone and 8 lbs since starting my weight watchers weight loss journey and that’s amazing. I do feel better about my weight than I have in a long time. I can go shopping without as much stress or anxiety and people are starting to notice a difference in the way I look which is so complimentary.

I’m excited to get to my goal and to be able to shop happily and feel better about myself so that’s got to be the focus right now! I mean, I literally cannot wait to struggle with having too much choice of clothing and knowing that I can try things on without being terrified of hating my reflection, rather than panicking about what to wear in the way I did before starting weight watchers ~ that really excites me! The start of week 26 has kicked off well so hopefully I’ll be able to make this week coming a really positive one and I’ll be able to report a bigger loss in the next blog. Fingers crossed, ey?!


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