WW; Week 22 and 23

I’ll start by apologising for my lack of WW blog last week, there’s a pretty shameful reasoning behind it too I’m reluctant to say… I didn’t blog last week because I gained 2 lbs and to be perfectly honest I was so tired of having to report bad food weeks to you guys that I just couldn’t bring myself to blog about it. So, week 22 was bad because I ate a lot of crap, I had a hefty Chinese, pizza, lots of picnic-type foods and absolutely nothing nutritious or good for me at all, basically. I’ve also developed quite the pop part addiction that I’ve gotta kick.

I’ve reminded myself since that we all have slumps, this is a long-term process for me and the fact that I’m even doing this and have progressed this far on weight watchers is such a positive. and I think gaining always gives you a bit of the shock to the system to get yourself on the losing side again (yes I realise that sentence seems backwards but within this context it works, right? Meh, anyway…)

This week just gone, week 23, was better than the last but still not amazing. I’m in pretty bad food habits guys, I’ve fallen from grace somewhat. I managed to lose the 2lbs during week 23 that I put on in week 22, so I’m back at the weight I was in week 21. Not that that’s at all confusing…

I know I keep saying it, that I’m going to improve etc, but I really am going to try harder to do so this week; start kicking some of those bad habits and getting myself properly back on track to pull myself out of this slump I’m currently in! I done a big ol’ healthy food shop from Tesco online a few days ago so I’m all stocked up with better options, all I have to do is actually choose them!

Wish me luck, and I’ll see y’all next week!


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