Secret Battles…

Every single day, every single person on this planet has their own battles, often kept secret. Depression, anxiety, grief, pain, self confidence, weight struggles ~ the list is endless.

The thing is, and I think sometimes you need to be told this ~ and you need to believe it, it will get better! It might not happen today, in fact it’s more than likely that it won’t happen today, but it will get better in time.

There may be a war raging within you, only a select few may be aware ~ maybe no one in the world knows ~ but each day you battle is part of the journey that will make you a better, happier, healthier person. You’re not going to win every battle and that’s OK. No matter who you are, no matter what you’re going through, you WILL get there ~ you CAN get there. Try your absolute hardest to be positive, cling to whatever hope you have ~ and there is always hope, however small ~ it will help you in the dark days.

Allow people to help you but more importantly help yourself however you can because you’re so important, you deserve to be happy no matter what! Remember, it’s OK not to be OK sometimes, but there are most certainly better times ahead of you ~ think towards them. For now, and whenever you need to, remember that you must allow yourself to feel what you need to feel and process it, that’s how you’ll progress.

If it’s not OK, it’s not the end; I truly believe that, I have to. It’ll take time, it probably won’t be easy – it almost definitely won’t be easy – but it’s going to be so worth it!

These battles, this war ~ it won’t last forever. You’re strong enough to succeed. Step by step, however small those steps may be, you’ll get there.  Keep your chin up whenever you can, let as much light in your life as possible when you can, because when the darkness hits you can remember that there’s that light burning in the depths of your soul, focus on it and never let it go because that ember can resurface into a roaring fire if you nurture it.

Have faith, be strong. You’re a worrier, a soldier and you can soldier through this. I know you can get through this, you will do ~ and so will I.


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