WW; Week 21

So there’s good and bad news this week: Straight off the bat I’ll start with the bad by letting you know that I went over my points. I haven’t eaten particularly well this week; I’ve skipped some meals and I’ve eaten irregularly but I did stick to my points all week, that was until Saturday when I surprised my other half with a romantic meal at home, three courses ~ the full works ~ that’s what pushed the points over.  And I still haven’t exercised, as if you expected anything different on that front!

Nonetheless, the good news is that I lost 4lbs this week! I’m not quite sure how I managed it, but I did. What’s more, I saw the number on the scales that I’ve been waiting for!! I was so happy when I weighed myself and saw that number yesterday that I squealed  so loudly, I made the boyfriend think something had gone horribly wrong before running into the front room and launching myself at him for a celebratory hug and to tell him that I finally saw that number! I mean, yes I may be right at the top end of this number, but I’m seeing it and i’m taking that as a win, because dear lord have I waited a HELLA long time to see this number. It also means that I’m close to my target. (*Yey!*) To precise i’m 13 lbs away!

That being said, I think I would be happier if I had gotten to this point having been a little healthier over the past few weeks. Still, it’s a good thing overall so I’ll focus on that!

I feel like I’m pulling my life together slowly at the moment, bit by bit, and this is a really massive thing that is helping me to stay on track, focus on the positive and move forward.

SO, to wrap it up, I am going to try really hard to make better choices this week coming, eat more regularly and more healthily. Fingers crossed!

See you next week, and happy valentines, lovelies!


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