WW; weeks 18 & 19

I’ve been a bad blogger again, I missed a week and this week is late. I’m sorry, forgive me? Better late than never though, right?

Anywho… my progress…. Right, i’ll keep it as short and sweet as possible.

So, i went a couple over my points in the last couple of weeks; full disclosure. However, I have been point counting and getting myself back on track so that’s a positive! I’ve still been a bit all over the place in myself so it is quite hard at the moment,nonetheless i’m trying not to comfort eat and i’m sticking to my points as much as possible. Not going to lie, I have had Chinese takeaway though… twice. I may or may not have also gone out with my bestest last weekend for breakfast and had bacon and syrup waffles ~ it was so good though! #sorrynotsorry.

Still haven’t exercised, not that that’s a shock. On the plus side, I have lost weight in the last couple of weeks, i’m down 3lbs which is better than nothing! I’m well out of routine at the moment but i’m pulling things back slowly; i’ll get there, and in the meantime some progress is better than none at all!

I’ve been a little better so far this week (week 20) so hopefully the next post will show more progress. I’m so close to seeing a number on the scales that I haven’t seen for years so that’s motivating me right now!

I’ll try to be a better blogger, just bare with me at the moment ~ things are tough. I’m doing my best I promise!


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