WW; Week 17

Well, if you thought last week was bad, this is worse. What’s the point in blogging my progress if I’m not honest with you? Answer – there wouldn’t be any point in that. So I’m going to be open and honest, no matter how hard it may be, because I think it will help in the long run; this week hasn’t been good either. I’m starting to realise that when you’re not in a good place in yourself, when you’re not positive, it’s hard to be positive with your weight loss journey and to stick to the plan.

I’m going through some stuff and it’s making sticking to my plan really, really hard. I can barely see a way to focus on tomorrow let alone see my goal right now. I just want to comfort eat, like all the time, and I simply don’t have enough will power to fight through it, not this week.

I’ve had two takeaways, sweets, ice cream… I’ve not counted my points properly, in fact I stopped counting on Tuesday this week because there just wasn’t any point, I’d already gone over and I was way WAY over my daily and weekly points. Although, weirdly (and maybe it’s because of the stress of everything, I don’t know) I have actually lost weight this week – 3 lbs. I’m still not seeing this as a win because I’m not where I was before Christmas still and I’m not eating properly, I’m not eating well.

Guys, it’s ridiculous how much being in a good head space keeps you on track and how much not being in that place really de-rails you! That being said, I won’t give up. I’m not going to give up, I know I need to do this for me and  I’m going to go back and read my first weight watchers blog to remind me of the reasons I’m on this journey. And that’s exactly what it is – a journey – and what journey doesn’t have bumps in the road or a few detours here and there?

I need to get myself to a better place and I know that staying on this weight loss journey will ultimately help me so I’m going to try to compartmentalise some things; this weight loss journey is an entity in itself for me so I’m going to try to separate it from everything else that’s going on. I’m going to try not to let other things affect my eating habits and have better will power, ultimately eating worse is going to make me feel worse anyway. I’m going to start tracking again on Sunday, today, because it’s my weigh in day and the start of a new WW Week for me and we’ll see what this next week brings.

Finally, to anyone who is reading this and knows the feeling – the lack of positivity and motivation – I just want to say that just because you feel like this now, doesn’t mean that it’ll be this way for ever. You can pull yourself out of it, and so can I. It’s part of the journey and sometimes you have to take two steps back to take 3 steps forward. Part of looking after yourself properly is admitting and accepting when you go off track, looking at where you went wrong and how you can get back on target.


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