WW; weeks 14, 15 and 16.

OK so here’s the thing, it’s been bad. I’m not going to follow my usual format for my WW blog because to be quite blunt I haven’t followed my usual WW anything. I’m not going to lie and I won’t sugar coat it (because that seems to be the core of the problem… get it… sugar coating? Bad diet? Meh…) basically, it’s been really really bad.

Over Christmas I wasn’t actually that bad, I did pretty much eat what I wanted and went a bit wild on Christmas day but in between I wasn’t too bad all things considered; I mean, I wasn’t good but equally I wasn’t awful. Over the actual Christmas period (those 2 weeks ish) I only actually put on 2 lbs which I’d happily have taken for the festive period, but then came New Year and the week following that I pretty much spiralled and it all went wrong from there. Since I last blogged I’ve put on 6 lbs. That’s bad. I’m not happy with that, obviously.

I feel really crap in myself at the moment, maybe it’s a bit of the January blues setting in and maybe it’s because my back has been out and I hate to let people down or have time off sick, but generally I’m feeling rather shit. A stark contrast to December when everything seemed to be great in general.

I’m a comfort eater and I also binge, or rather I go on bring streaks, so although I managed to keep a relatively good balance over Christmas I kept going after new year and pushed so much that I tipped the scale severely. I’m seriously disappointed in myself. I haven’t eaten well, I’ve gone over my points and like f*ck have I exercised.

That being said I do need to get over this, accept it and move on; not necessarily in that order. Just a little heads up for next week’s blog too while I’m on the confession train… I’ve gone over my points this week (by 3 points). We’ll see how good I can be for the rest of the week. I’ll try to turn things around, I really will.

Honestly this blog was quite hard to write, it’s easy to tell people when you’re doing well or even when you’re doing OK but it’s much harder to tell people when you’ve utterly f*cked up. I’ll try to do better in future to avoid a repeat.

Onward and upwards! Or rather downwards, in terms of the scales… numbers going down would be highly preferable right now!


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