A letter to December…

Dear December,

What a month you were! You brought with you such promise of hope and joy and you certainly did not disappoint! I really am so glad that you came, as I am every year, but this time you were so much better than you’ve ever been before. I was so very content when you were around; you allowed me to meet up and catch up with old friends and enjoy festive treats and outings, spend time with my loved ones and bask in the wonderful chaos that is Christmastime.

I visited Ireland and taken in the freshness of the emerald Isle, I frequented Christmas markets, went to parties, visited Canterbury and experienced the ‘Canterbury tales’, gone out for dinners and for drinks, decked the halls (with boughs of holly, falalalala lala la la), enjoyed a pantomime (oh yes I did!) and basically reveled in all the Christmas glory that you bring with you, December.

I really do have such a deep rooted love for you and everything you bring, December. I genuinely think that December 2016 has been the best month of my life so far because I was so truly content and happy and it’s all because you came around & reminded me to spend quality time with the ones I love and cherish, and ultimately recharge my batteries all ready for the new year.

2016 flew by, so much has happened and so many lessons have been learned; it started off quite badly for me but ended up so much better. So December, thank you for giving me the opportunities to make the end of 2016 great and providing a new found strength and positivity to go into 2017 with focus, determination and optimism.

Until next year, old friend.

Love always, Mia.
x x x


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