There’s just something about Christmas!

As much as I appreciate the origins of Christmas, I’m not a particularly religious person so for me Christmas is really about family, friends and festivities.

I agree with the well-known song that does the rounds in December, “it’s the most wonderful time of the year”! Some people hate Christmas, some people are indifferent and some people, like me, may have you end up thinking they have a problem with how much they love Christmas.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not some crazy Christmas lady (well, not properly crazy anyway!) but I am pretty into the festive season, but for what reason? (“OH NO! I’m speaking in rhyme!”… Grinch reference for ya right there!)

1. Christmas decorations. I LOVE the fact that once a year for a whole month I can theme my flat; I change the colour scheme and christmassify everything I can without it looking tacky. There’s a place for tacky Christmas decorations, and for me, they go in the office! like this…

It’s just too much fun decorating the office with all the tat and tinsel you wouldn’t dare adorn your home with and it’s always good entertainment value.

I have a one bed flat but I’ve managed to squeeze in two Christmas trees, my 8ft one in the front room and my baby 6ft in the hallway. One is red, gold, burgundy, champagne, pewter and pearl themed and one is red white and gold with a hint of Disney. I do use tinsel at home, but sparingly and tastefully, I like to think.

And twinkle lights, can we just for a second focus on the twinkle lights?! I mean, who doesn’t like fairy lights twinkling and sparkling and warming the cracks of your soul at the end of the day!

Basically, decorating my flat for Christmas is one of my all-time favourite things to do and I’m quite proud of the way it ends up looking (though the pictures don’t quite do it justice.)

2. Christmas food… Food is good all year, or at least good food is good all year, but at Christmas it’s just so so SO much better! Even chocolate, I don’t know what it is but Christmas chocolate just seems to taste better than normal chocolate to me! (Pretty positive that’s some kind of placebo effect in action but I’m just going to go with it!) Also, isn’t it great that we can use “it’s Christmas!” as a genuine and justifiable reason for pure gluttony?!)

3. Quality time with friends and family… Something about Christmas brings out the best in people. This time of year my family, friends and I all make an extra special effort to ensure we do something special in each other’s company; whether that’s going out for a meal together, going for a day trip somewhere or just staying in, snuggling up and watching a film together. It gives us a good excuse to take time out of our busy schedules and spend some good honest quality time together. (Maybe it’s a good thing this only happens once a year, we’d all go nuts if we spent too much quality time together ! ha! Just kidding… sort of.) Nonetheless, it’s a wonderful time to get together and make each other smile.

4. Christmas films… They’re fun to quote, they’re fun to watch, they warm your heart, they make you feel good, they’re festive! Cummon, what’s not to like?! (Unless you’re like my other half who considers watching Christmas films a genuine form of torture… bloody scrooge!)

5. Time off work… I book a lot of annual leave around this time because I like to spend time with family and friends as mentioned above but I’m just going to throw out some appreciation for the bank holidays and time off we’re gifted at this time of year too. There it is, out there, in the universe #appreciated.

6. Parties/The works Christmas do… Although I feel like that should be enough said…. Food, drinks, Christmas cracker hats, drinks, dancing, drinks. Yes, all the yes!!!

7. Christmas Markets… What other time of year would it be acceptable to put up little huts and stuff them full of enticing things that we don’t really need to buy but just have to have?! I love Christmas markets, cute stalls with curios that you’re not really going to find the rest of the year (unless you put in some real effort) and perfect instagram photo-opportunities! It’s also a nice little festive day out if you’re stuck for something to do in December. And all the delicious smells that come with it, omnomnomnom!.


8. Christmas songs Such a good way to put you in a festive mood. If Zooey Deschanel said it in Elf it has to be true, “the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear!” I love a good crimbo playlist, I may or may not listen to Christmas songs during the year to lift my mood…. I’m not even sorry.

I properly love Christmas! #crimbogirl


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