WW; Week 13

Week 13;

Have I stuck to it?
Loosely… I mean, it’s Christmas time and eating and drinking is definitely more of a focus than normal. I’ve still counted my points it’s just that I’ve been somewhat naughty.

How do I feel?
I’m genuinely having the best month so I can deal with not losing as much weight tbh. So I feel good in general. I mean, I won’t lie I’d feel better off if could eat all the crap I love and still lose weight but ya know, #dreaming…

Has it been hard?
Yeah, because of all the treats are readily available; but I’ve chosen to not have starters or deserts etc when I’m out, so I’m conscious of making the best of naughty circumstances. I’m doing OK with it, all things considered, but generally will power is low at the mo.

What kinds of foods have I eaten?
When I’ve been at work in my usual routine I’ve still had my trusty WW foods (soups and micro meals) as usual but I’ve had annual leave and I’ve been out a lot meaning there’s been all the food and drink… Ask Italian, calorific drinks (but, Bailey’s coffee – nom!) and Chinese, just to name a few… “my mind is telling me no, but my body… my body is telling me YES!” Oopsie.

Have I exercised?
Well, I went on an hour-long walk around London  (may or may not have gotten incredibly lost despite working in the city…) and I danced at the other half’s Christmas party. Those things count, right? Again… oops?

Did I lose weight?
Surprisingly yes, 1lb. I’ll take that though, not bad all things considered!

On an end note, I’m going to try to be healthier Monday to Friday this week to balance out the gluttony that the weekend coming will consist of, with Christmas day and all! All I can hear in my head is “may the odds be ever in your favour!”

Also, I probably won’t blog next week because progress is bound to be slow and I want to focus on enjoying Christmas, so I’ll be back in the new year – focused and ready to buckle down to get closer to my goal!

So for now, tutty bye and Merry Christmas!


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