WW; week 12.

Week 12;

Have I stuck to it?
No, I’ve been naughty this week. One too many treats.

How do I feel?
I feel OK in myself and I’m enjoying the festive season, but I’m disappointed in myself that I haven’t stuck to it very well at all this week. 

Has it been hard?
Yes, temptation high and will power low. Losing combo I’m afraid.

What kinds of foods have I eaten?
I still had my trusty WW foods (soups and micro meals) but unfortunately I also indulged in sweets/treats at work because it’s the festive season and it’s been a case of, “oh go on then”, naughty I know. I’ve also visited the Chinese takeaway this week…. twice. Generally this has been a bad week… or at least I’ve been bad this week.

Have I exercised?
Nope. (We’ll leave that there.)

Did I lose weight?
No. Worst still, I put on 2lbs.

On an end note, I feel like this has jolted me a bit into being more conscientious, even with the festive season upon us. I need to keep positive to get back on track! I know I’ve got a lot of meals and things planned involving treats so I need to be really good the days I’m  not out and choose the healthier options when I am. I can do this, I can make the best of it! Or at least I’m going to give it my bloody best shot! Come at me Christmas; from now, I’m weight watchers ready again!


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