WW; week 11.

​I’m a day late, I spent the entirety of yesterday cleaning and christmassy-fying my flat and I just lost track! But I’m less than a day late so here goes…
Week 11;

Have I stuck to it so far?
Well yes, I have been a little looser with it this week again though. I went to Ireland to see my dad and I may have indulged in a toasted marshmallow (or 20) by the fireside… I just couldn’t resist! Mmhmm, naughty Mia. 

How do I feel?
I feel OK actually. I haven’t plummeted into the abyss of no return after having a few not-so-good weeks, I was expecting this over the christmas period anyway so as long as I can keep conscious of my points and try not to cheat with too many christmassy treats, I’ll be fine!

Has it been hard?
Sort of. I’ve given into temptation a little where I shouldn’t have. So yeah, I think the christmas season in general makes things a little harder, what with the eating, drinking and indulgence related merriment and all!

What kinds of foods have I eaten?
So I’ve still had my WW meals and soups and when I went out with my works lot for an early Christmas dinner and drinks I got a salad (huge deal for me, genuinely don’t think I’ve ever ordered a salad out for dinner before!) But I’ve had treats and alcohol to boot. Swings and roundabouts.

Have I exercised?
Genuinely haven’t had time (this time it’s a different excuse but this excuse will be in play quite often this month I think, because I genuinely am super busy…) Maybe one day (If I keep saying it maybe it’ll happen!) Ha!

Did I lose weight?

Yeah, 3lbs (a little surprisingly).


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