WW Confessions. Weeks 6,7,8,9 and 10.

Weeks 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10!

I’ve been an awful blogger. I’ve been so busy and I’ve neglected my little blog and I haven’t kept you updated with my WW journey and worst of all I broke my promise which is so unlike me! BAD MIA!

So… 5 weeks of confessions. Are you ready?

Have I stuck to it so far?
Well yes, technically… Right up until my Disneyland trip I stuck to it religiously, or at least as much as usual… but then after Disney I got a little thrown off. I’ve still counted but I’ve cheated on the points a few times. Sacrilege, I know! And I know I’m only really cheating myself. But technically I’ve still stuck to it, no matter how loosely it may have been in the last couple of weeks!

How do I feel?
Erm, I feel busy and stressed! I feel like I need to plan my meals more and I feel like I need to make the time to exercise (yes, yes you can guess what’s coming at the end section!) I haven’t exactly fallen off the wagon, but by golly the wheels have been awful wobbley the last couple of weeks! So, overall I feel like I need to get my motivation back and I think if I blog regularly and make a promise to myself that I’ll log my process properly I should be able to fall back into better habits.

Also, generally I’ve been more confident in wearing clothes and styles I haven’t worn in a while, only sometimes but still! It can’t be all that bad… I guess?

Has it been hard?
Er… technically no, because I’ve not been as strict with myself so I can’t really answer this question properly. It’s been hard because I’ve not stuck to it as well as I should have, but it didn’t feel like a struggle because I relaxed the rules for myself a bit.

What kind of foods have I eaten?
Oh god… LOL! Well, I’ve had a few takeaways I’m not going to lie. Also, I ate out at Disney (although I didn’t have any desert any night because I didn’t fancy it at the time and there was no point in empty callories, I even choose pretty healthy options when I was there which I’m proud of myself for. However, at the end of the day eating out and snacking on a coach for 4 days makes it kind of impossible to stay really on point (excuse the point pun…) It was when I got back that things started to slip more. Before Disney I was doing my usual; Unfortunately upon returning from Disney there was an increase in sweets and takeaways, not a catastrophic increase but more than there should have been nonetheless. I still swear that WW soups are my lunch staple at work and I actually really enjoy them and the WW microwave meals are just oh so easy and honestly I still think they taste pretty good too. I was on that routine before Disney and I’m going to get back to it now, now that I’m getting back on track. Need to cook some more too, proper meals – experiment a little maybe? Who knows!

Have I exercised?
Hahahahahah – what a joke. No, just no. Lol! There was a LOT of walking around Disney though? That’s literally it. One day, maybe one day I’ll get to tell you I actually went to the gym. I used to be good at going after work but lately I’m tired… and it’s cold… and I’m busy… and my back is bad atm… and blah, blah, blah… excuse, excuse, excuse…. You get my drift…

Oooops… drifted too far, pull it back in!

Did I lose weight?
Well, actually… yes. The thing is, I kept going down before Disney ever so slightly and whilst at Disney I did put on a few pounds, but then within 5 days of being back I lost it again.

So, since my last blog despite a bit of up and down fluctuation, I’ve lost another 4lbs overall. I’m 1lb off of losing a stone since starting weight watchers.Not too shabby I guess!


I’m  going to aim to upload my WW updates on Sundays… you’ve had a bulk here so the next post to update you will be on Sunday 4th December, see you then!


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