Disneyland Paris Enchanted Christmas!

I’ve just come back from Disneyland Paris (a week or so ago) and thought I’d share my experience with you. Obviously Disneyland is amazing any time of year but I feel like Disney’s Enchanted Christmas is just the best, for me at least; I’m obsessed with both Disney and Christmas, they’re two of my most favourite things so I’m probably a little biased.

So, to get the moaning out of the way first – not to be too much of a Debbie downer – the hotel was OK (We stayed in the Santa Fe) but the beds were so solid it was like sleeping on a slab and the food was basic. But quite honestly you spend so little time in the room it really isn’t the be all and end all, though next time (whenever that may be) I’m going to try a different hotel. It’s also a shame there were so many refurbishments taking place in both parks, I feel like the wooden slabs up separating the work-sites took away from the ambiance a little, I mean they could have at least put Disney pictures over them! Now, that’s over with let’s get onto the good stuff, shall we?

We done a coach trip with Harry Shaw and generally as a company I would recommend them; our driver and the coach volunteer were so lovely and friendly, we had such a laugh with them on the way. I think it’s so nice when the driver and driver’s buddy get involved and have a bit of banter with you because it really does make the trip so much more enjoyable and helps to pass the time too (especially on a 12 hour coach trip!) I’ve done a coach trip in the past that wasn’t great but this one was quite good overall.

Moving onto the more fun stuff… So… honest to God, the way the park was decorated in general for Christmas was beautiful; stunning really. Main Street USA was all lit up in all its twinkling glory, there were Mickey Mouse wreaths and garland adorned doorways at every turn and it was splendid. There was even “snow” when Elsa was on her travels in her carriage parading round the park and when the Christmas parade was going past too. And when it was dark everything really came into its own, the tree was spectacular and there were stunning, sparkling, shining fairy lights were everywhere; I loved it.

We didn’t get to go on many rides in the park or studios for various different reasons (that’s probably the thing I would change about our trip, but as the French say, c’est la vie!) And the ones we did go on were great, I mean all Disneyland rides are great (apart from ‘It’s a small world’… I’m sorry but NO.) Gutted I didn’t get to go on the ratatouille ride but the queue was too long and we missed it. However, we did a hell of a lot of shopping, I mean a ridiculous “I think you have a problem” amount of shopping, and we made the most of taking in the sites. [I’m thinking of doing a Disneyland haul for you all on here, let me know if you’d like one?] We also managed to get our faces painted after a full day of searching for where we could have them done! And we got some photos with Princess Ariel and with Jack Skeleton; Jack was actually one of my highlights because he serenaded me and he was so interactive with us, he was really so fantastic. I had cuddles with Ariel too!

We decided to go to see Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show which I think is great if you like to get involved with things, I enjoyed the show and it was definitely an experience and something a little different to do. The animals are so well trained and so clever for all they do and the actors and riders are all incredibly skilled and have such energy, they were a pleasure to watch! Audience participation is expected and I’m not going to lie, I loved that and definitely let rip a “Yee Haww” or two (or twenty!)

Finally, Disney Christmas dreams fireworks display didn’t disappoint either and I sang my little heart out whilst watching it, (“Let it go… Let it goooo….!!”) most likely to the dismay of all those around me but screw it, I had fun! I will say that if you really want to properly appreciate it you need to be close, it’s somewhat of a struggle from a distance. I didn’t get any photos because I wanted to experience it through my eyes, not the camera, but I did get a nice photo of the castle all lit up and pink.


Oh Disney Enchanted Christmas… It really was quite enchanting, take me back!!!


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