WW; Weeks 4 & 5

I’m sorry I missed last weeks WW blog, I just got a bit lazy, forgive me? To make it up, here’s week 4 and 5 in one…

Have I stuck to it so far?
Indeed I have, over a month now! I genuinely think this is the longest I’ve stuck to a weight loss regime and I’m still dedicated to it. #Winning!

How do I feel?
I feel alright, pretty good really. Despite having smaller (kind of minimal) losses over the last couple of weeks, friends have noticed my weight loss which makes me feel really good! It shows that there’s been a payoff so far and just entices me to carry on. It’s such a nice feeling when someone asks if you’ve lost weight or thinks you’re looking better, it makes you feel better too. I’m positive, and that positivity keeps me going and keeps me committed!

Has it been hard?
Ermm…. So so. I feel like I have wanted to eat worse in the last couple of weeks in that i’m craving all the bad things that taste oh so good, but I’ve tried to keep a balance. By balance, I mean that I’ve allowed myself a few little treats here and there, namely bailey’s hot chocolate (options hot chocolate with a bit of bailey’s in it – NOM!) and I satisfy my need for chocolatey goodness with WW mini rolls. This weekend I was a bit more naughty, I had a (very small) portion of chips with an M&S healthier option microwave curry which gave me the satisfaction of take-away type food but I didn’t stray too far from the path and just about stayed within my points. I did indulge in some Percy Pigs (little chewy jelly type sweets from M&S which are one of my all-time fave sweeties!), that was admittedly very naughty but it’s not too bad as long as I don’t fly off into a binge from it, right? Well, that’s what I’m going with anyway! I’m still feeling motivated in general so it’s not been ridiculously hard.

What kind of foods have I eaten?
Well you know what sweet treat type things I’ve had from the paragraph above, but other than that I’m on the same old usuals really; WW micro-meals for dinner, soups for lunch mainly. Although I did forget to take lunch into work a few times over the last couple of weeks but I tried to keep to the healthier options when I went to get lunch from the Little Waitrose or Co-Op near work. I’ve cooked wedges (sweet potato and normal potato) this week so I’ve done a minuscule amount of cooking and I’ve had at least a couple of portions of fruit and veg; think I need to work on this, I’ll try to make some real meals next week, and include some more fruit and veg, and more water.

Have I exercised?
OK so week 4 and 5 weren’t the ones for exercise either. I leave a gym bag at work with my gym clothes in it to encourage me to go… but…. I just haven’t been. I think I just need to find the motivation from somewhere, I just don’t really have it at the moment. I’m usually pooped after work and I can’t be bothered to gym it. Well, (although it may be unlikely) I’ll see if I can force my ass into gear at least once this week coming? Meh, who knows? Let’s not hold our breath ‘ey…. It’ll just be a pleasant shock and surprise if you see this part of the blog next week and I say I’ve actually put in the effort to gym it!

Did I lose weight?
Yes I have, again not much but losses nonetheless! I lost 1lb each week. So I’m another 2lbs down now. It’s still nice to see that number that I talked about in week 3 on the scales, and I’m glad to be losing weight still, even if it has been a little slower the last few weeks.

I’ll try to stick to the weekly updates from now on, sorry if you missed my blog last week. Anyhow, I promise I’ll be here with week 6 update next Sunday! See you then.


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