WW; Week 3

Week three people, here’s my weeks summary…

Have I stuck to it so far?
Much to my own pleasant shock and surprise, and to the shock and surprise of most people who know me well enough; yes, I’ve passed the third week stage of a diet without quitting or burying myself in a tub of Ben & Jerry’s that turns into a month-long binge! If that’s not progress in itself then I don’t know what is.

How do I feel?
Not too shabby really. I feel better than I did last week. I’ve been the tiniest bit more creative with my food to mix things up a bit and I’ve enjoyed that. I’m slowly creeping into cooking, I mean like seriously at snail pace, nonetheless I’ve cooked a little this week. I’m still enjoying what I eat and still don’t feel restricted. I still feel as though recording my points keeps me aware of what I’m eating and encourages to make better choices. I bought a couple of items of clothing this week in styles/sizes that I’m 80% sure wouldn’t have fit 3 weeks ago, that makes me happy. My best friend and my boyfriend also both said that they have noticed a change in my size and that I look a little slimmer which is so incredibly nice to hear. I don’t always particularly feel like I can see a difference myself so it’s encouraging to hear that others can see a difference, even if it is only slight!

Has it been hard?
Not this week, not really. I was still a little disheartened at the start of the week but I feel like do have to remind myself that weight fluctuates fairly regularly in itself day-to-day anyway (shouldn’t really be hopping on the scales every day  to offer more scrutiny to myself, bad Mia!) I feel like with any weight loss experience it’s important to remind yourself that you’re fighting a war and each week is a battle, you may not win them all but that doesn’t mean that you’re losing the war! You’ve just got to keep going and keep fighting for what you want! Keep the focus and look at the bigger picture, good advice I recieve regularly from my Dad (Thanks, Dad!).

What kind of foods have I eaten?
I’ve probably eaten a little better than last week, maybe… I think? Still on the WW ready meals for dinner and mainly WW soups for lunch but I’m OK with that. I have ventured into making sweet potato wedges this week, which might sound super simple to some (if not most) people, but it meant I prepared and cooked something which is a step in the right direction and a pretty big deal for me. I paired the sweet potato wedges with WW sausages and had that for dinner a couple of times this week… OK 3 times. As always, I feel as though my choices could be healthier. I should probably avoid as much fizzy drink (even if it is 0 points) and drink more water… **current though process** “Might have some cheeky WW fajitas tonight… maybe 😉 (yum!)” Anyway I digress… where was I, oh yeah, I did have a Nandos this weekend when out with girlfriends but choose some healthier options and stuck to my points #winning. I think I should start eating more fruit and veg, been somewhat lax on that lately (again, bad Mia!) I’ve done OK this week though, overall.

Have I exercised?
This is getting a bit embarrassing now… Er… no, no I haven’t. There were a sh*t ton of stairs I had to go up and down in Bournemouth this weekend when visiting my best friend at her new flat, and we walked to and from town a couple of times… does that count? Who knows, I might actually use the gym membership I’m paying for soon, week 4 could be the week, potentially? I can already tell you all have the greatest of confidence in me… :/ *face palm*

Did I lose weight?
Yes, but not much. I lost 1lb. Which isn’t a lot in the grand scheme of things but it’s a loss nonetheless! Also, that 1lb meant that I saw a number on the scales today that I haven’t seen in quite some time so I’m grateful for that 1lb loss. And I suppose a loss is a loss and for that I should be, and am, happy. To be honest I literally let out a squeal of excitement/joy/relief that this number was there today when I weighted myself. Like, “EEEeeeekkk! Hello old friend number **, I’m so happy to see you, I’ve missed you, stick around for a while, won’t you?”  I may well be right at the top end of that particular number, but I’m within its proximity now and that makes me elated to be perfectly frank!!!


That’s it for this weeks update. As always, I’ll keep you posted!


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