A Letter to Autumn.

Dear Autumn,

I’m just going to come right out and say it, I think I love you. I mean, you and I have shared many years together now and every time you come around I fall in love with you a little more. (Yes, there was a pun intended for the use of the word “fall” there, forgive me?) I don’t even mind that with your arrival comes the departure of your predecessor, Summer, she’s nice and all, but she’s not my favorite season. You bring with you such underrated beauty. I adore the crisp fresh air you bring, the cooling of the breeze that means I get to start delving into my beloved scarf and coat collection as I brave the outside world. You also encourage nature to create some seriously exquisite colours.

Autumn, I want to thank you for making natures colours so much deeper and richer, the reds and burnt oranges, the almost but not quite burgundy coloured leaves, they warm my heart a little. When you come around I feel as though the world becomes cooler, more serene and calmer, and with it so do I. I don’t even mind that your arrival means that I’ve started to wake up with a cold nose, because I can snuggle on down into bed and appreciate that you’re doing your thing outside but I can stay in my warm duvet cocoon, for a little while at least. I can also come home to fluffy socks and soft cotton pajamas and fleecy blankets that don’t only warm my body, they also warm my soul. I can make time for myself by curling up with a book & a hot chocolate, delving into a world that’s not my own for a while, or by cosying up watching some of my favourite films. Thank you for gifting me these occasions.

You convey so much excitement for me as the season changes, Autumn; you bring with you my favourite festive holidays, Halloween (so much fun, despite how much of a scaredy-cat I am), fireworks/bonfire night (oh the smell of burning wood and the warmth of dancing flames when I’m outside basking in your brisk evening air whilst watching glorious lights and sparkling colours illuminate the night sky) and you finish up with the promise of Christmas, my most favourite holiday of them all. You’re the start of the most wonderful time of the year.

I don’t think people appreciate you enough, Autumn. I feel as though you deserve more credit. You Bring people together. I mean, how amazing is it than I get to wrap up and snuggle down with my loved ones, all because you’ve brought about a few chilly changes that encourage this warmth between us? Even when you give us the odd (or rather in England, quite frequent) rainy days, the smell of the rain on the ground and the pitter patter of the rain falling from the leaves, and the leaves falling themselves, mean it’s not all bad. I choose to see the best in you and all you bring.

So thank you, Autumn, for providing a fresh and promising end to the year and for always being here for me; dependable, comforting and always loving. I’ll cherish my time with you again while it lasts, before you have to go.

Lovingly yours, ever grateful and appreciative,



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