WW; Week 2

Ok, so I’m on my second week in and here’s my progress so far…

Have I stuck to it so far?
Yup, Second week down and i’m still adding all my points and sticking to it.

How do I feel?
I feel OK, It’s still good to eat what I like and enjoy, again within reason, but to be encouraged to have healthier options at the same time. I’ve been a bit out of it this week in myself because I’ve had some problems with my back which I think has lead me to feel a bit disheartened with everything else. But in general in terms of my weight loss i’m feeling good still. I even tried on some clothes I’ve not worn in forever,and a particular pair of work trousers that haven’t fitted me in ages did finally fit!

Has it been hard?
I think it was a little harder this week. Probably because I’ve been feeling disheartened by other circumstances and my usual reaction is to fall into a pit of comfort food. But I’ve been pretty good with sticking to it.(Yes, I know woe is me, bla bla bla – hey, I’m just giving you honestly here!)

What kind of foods have I eaten?
I’ve eaten a lot of weight watchers foods again, including some WW snack foods this week. It’s been nice to have some treats (sort of) and not feel as guilty because they’re weight watchers, I’m guessing it’s some kind of placebo effect.  I’ve particularly enjoyed the WW chocolate digestive biscuits(There might be chocolate involved but the label says weight watchers, so somehow they’re better than normal chocolate?) WW ready salted crinkle crisps aren’t too shabby either.
I’m still having 3 meals a day, still no skipping breakfast. Belvita breakfast biscuits or honey cheerios are my breakfasts of choice, although i’m going to be fully switching over to honey cheerios from now on because they’re less points.Lunches at work have consisted of soup and crisps; the crisps are my little daily treat but I don’t ever go for any packets that are more than 3 points. When I’ve been off work I’ve had some WW Sausage Sandwiches which aren’t too many points and I really enjoy them, they fulfilled my want for comfort food when I was bed bound. Dinners have been mainly ready meals again (weight watchers or healthy choices style ones) I just find it’s still easier for me with portion sizes etc… Yes, OK i’m lazy.Although, one night this week I actually cooked! I made some fajita burritos with WW fajita sauce and WW wraps, a guilt free way of having one of my favorite meals.
I can also still have fizzy drinks (a necessity for me, I need some sweet Pepsi Max nectar of goodness in my life) so long as they’re 0 sugar, they’re 0 points! I should probably say that I had a bit of a naughty night, I had a roast pork chow mein from the Chinese takeaway on Friday night, but I feel like it could have been worse; I didn’t eat anything more than that, I restricted myself to just the one dish which I would kinda count as an accomplishment. All in all though I think I probably could have eaten a little better this week, but I’ve done OK.

Have I exercised?
Erm… I feel like I should just avoid this question, I’m bad at this part. (Oops?) In my defense one usually needs to be able to move to go to the gym, and that’s been hard for me this week because of my back. I’ll delve into some exercise soon (I hope…)

Did I lose weight?
I have indeed, I lost just under 3lbs this week. Steady progress.


So that’s me so far on weight watchers. I’ll keep you posted.


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