Bath: Spa Break

Recently my other half and I decided to visit Bath. We treated ourselves to a little spa break. We actually stayed in two different spa hotels but unfortunately (due to traffic, arriving late and some poor decisions [that we wont go into] getting in our way) we weren’t able to frequent the first hotel’s spa facilities. However, the second hotel we stayed in was even more beautiful than the first, it was an absolute dream! So I’m going to tell you a little bit about our stay at The Priory Bath.

The Priory Bath is a luxury spa hotel within the city of Bath in England. It’s in an ideal location only being a short (10/15 minute walk) from the city center. From the outset, the setting and architecture of the hotel itself is absolutely stunning, as you can see…


The hotel itself is an alluring Victorian building, though bath seemed to be made up of mostly Georgian buildings, and I was in love at first sight. It really was, as they describe on their website, “a peaceful haven in the heart of a bustling city”. We checked in around 3pm, after a busy morning exploring the city (for more pictures of our exploration of the city feel free to visit my Instagram), and we were immediately impressed. Upon entering the hotel we were given a short tour, and the interior I am pleased to say was just as gorgeous as the exterior; we were not disappointed. Their lounge, bar and library were all adorned by impressive art and period style decoration. Our guide told us about the facilities available to us during our stay including a gym, the spa, heated outside swimming pool, gardens, Michelin-starred restaurant, afternoon tea, Library, lounges, bar and even the ability to borrow a DVD for the night should we wish.

Then we were shown to our room, which we both thought was superb…


The room itself was cosy and modern, yet in-keeping with the hotel’s style and grace. The bed was comfortable, not to hard, not too soft (just call me Goldilocks!) The sofa was inviting, the set up was just right and everything seems perfectly placed. The tea and coffee facilities were sweetly set up too..

As a coffee lover it was a real joy to see a decent coffee machine in the hotel room, I tell you! And the neatly packaged biscuits were a real nice touch.

After we were settled we wasted no time at all in adorning our complimentary towelling robes and slippers and made our way down to the spa. Again, we were not disappointed in the least. Even the changing rooms were stunning; clean, tidy and very well presented. The spa facilities were included within the stay (excluding treatments, naturally) and we enjoyed taking advantage of this. Although we didn’t book any treatments we did spend a while taking the waters in the indoor pool, visited the sauna and spent some time in the steam room. It was blissful.


After we’d had our fill of relaxation in the spa, we went back up to our room and took in the view of the gardens from our balcony, breathing in a sweet summer breeze and basking in some warm sunshine that we were so lucky as to experience given that it was British summertime.


We thought about going to the restaurant or venturing out into the city for dinner, but we were just so very relaxed and content with our exquisite surroundings that we decided to stay put exactly where we were to make the most of our room, order room service and settle down with a film for the evening.


It may not have been from their Michelin-starred restaurant but it was delicious, and surprisingly well priced I hasten to add. (We added the wine ourselves as we’d been to Tesco earlier that day to pick up a few essential, you know, like the wine.) Having thoroughly enjoyed our meals we spent the rest of the evening chilling out, taking it all in and watching Bridget Jones’ Diary (courtesy of the hotel) before snuggling down in that huge glorious bed!

Before we checked out the next day and ventured into the city we popped down for a couple of refreshing hours in the spa, it opened at 8 so meant we could still be in the city at a reasonable time that morning. I feel like it’s also worth mentioning that at this hotel, they allow you to use the spa facilities for the entire day, even after you’ve checked out… for free! That’s just one honest to goodness decent service right there if you ask me.

So to conclude, in case you hadn’t already guessed, we had a wonderful time at this hotel. We would definitely go back, hopefully in the not too distant future, and we highly recommend The Priory Bath if you’re looking for a delightful luxury spa break in Bath.


Just by Mia.


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